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What I Got My Kids for Christmas: 2018

What I Got My Kids for Christmas: 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

My friend Janssen does this post every year and I love it. For some reason it is SO interesting for me to see what other parents get their kids. I’ve also heard that saying, “something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read,” which I think is a cute saying but not something I feel like I have to follow. However, this year that was just how my gifts turned out. I try to keep it minimal and I feel like I do better every year. Minimal is so relative. My list might seem very minimal or very excessive to you, and that’s okay. I want to get my kids gifts that they are thrilled to get and that encourage creativity and fun and family unity and I feel good about my selection this year.

Have you heard about the study that says anticipating something makes you enjoy the experience more? Sharing this amps up my anticipation for Christmas morning and is really fun for me. So thanks for obliging. Without further ado, what I got my two boys, age 4 and 2, for Christmas this year.

For both:

This living room bowling set. First of all we LOVE bowling, second, we’re trying to have Santa bring gifts that will bring us closer together as a family, and we don’t have many age-appropriate games.

Go Fishing Game. My 4-year-old plays this in his class at church and asks for it pretty frequently.

Stomp Rockets. I originally was going to give this to my 4-year-old, but there’s 4 rockets in the box, so I figured I’d just give it to both of them. Our neighbors have these and my boys are OBSESSED.

For the 4-year-old:

A microphone for a podcast. My son LOVES podcasts, especially Wow in the World and Story Pirates. A few months ago my friend Megan, who literally deserves mom of the year award, started this cute podcast with her kids. My son loves it and I’m basically stealing her idea. Along with this we are giving our son “coupons” for an hour on the computer with mom and dad recording every week and doing podcast business. This is a gift he’ll definitely need our help with but we think it will be fun to do together.

Ada Twist, Scientist. Over the course of his life my son has been gifted Iggy Peck and Rosie Revere, and Ada Twist is the only one from the trio we are missing. A few weeks ago he saw Ada Twist in a store and said, “Ada Twist! This is my dream!” (insert all the laughing/heart eye emojis). Making dreams come true this Christmas.

The Superhero Book: He brought this to us in Crate & Kids and told us he wanted it for Christmas.

New rainboots: His have holes in them, so we went with classic green Hunters.

A 5 dollar sled. If this doesn’t conjure up visions of childhood….you must have grown up somewhere it doesn't snow.

A reading game. This is a simple thing I’m making him. I got some miniature farm animals and I’m printing out their names on card stock so he can learn to match names with the animals.

stocking: hot cocoa packets, fruit snacks, cuties, little chocolate Santas on a sleigh, a big peppermint bark star to stick out of the top. Kinetic sand, play dough, and a build-your-own-straw kit.

For my 2-year-old:

This awesome racetrack: My kids played with this toy endlessly at the store. My 2-year-old is literally obsessed with all vehicles and his favorite thing to do at nursery at church is make “cars go wheee!” so I know this is gonna be a hit. Maybe THE hit of Christmas.

Journey: one of his favorite books! We’ve had this from the library and just returned it. Massive temper tantrum followed.

Richard Scarry’s Things That Go: Remember how he loves vehicles? Returned this book to the library at the same time as Journey. so the temper-tantrum really was mega.

a workbook. He loves doing (aka scribbling in) my older sons workbooks and while i’m all for sharing I understand why that makes my older son upset. Hoping he loves this and that they can learn peacefully together.

a “pack-pack” which he has adorably been asking for for months. We got him this one in his favorite color, blue.

a 5-dollar-sled.

Stocking: hot cocoa packets, fruit snacks, cuties, little chocolate Santas on a sleigh, a big chocolate and peppermint bark star to stick out of the top. Water beads, a dump truck nightlight, play dough, a harmonica, a flashlight, and this build-your-own-straw kit I found at the grocery store.

What did you get your kids for Christmas? I would love to hear. Or if you have any gifting philosophies the make Christmas simpler, more meaningful, or less expensive (yikes!) I love to hear those sort of ideas, so please share.

Merry Christmas!

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