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Valentine's Day Picture Books


Things I love, in no particular order: books, my kids, my husband, treats, the beach, flowers, the library. Oh, how I love the library.

One of my favorite activities around any holiday is reading books, and so we’ve been stocking up on Valentine’s books from the library. I’ve never been big on decorating for holidays besides Christmas, so we treat holiday books like other people treat decorations. Books are a simple tradition I can get behind. We all enjoy it, we remember to do it, and it takes minimal extra effort. I read to my kids every day anyway, so it’s easy enough to request a few books and be sure to read them a few times in the month preceding the big day. For every holiday we own a few favorite books which we tuck away like decorations until the right time. And we check the rest out from….you know what I’m going to say, right?….THE LIBRARY!

Here are a few of our favorite Valentine’s Books. If I love it enough to own it, I’ll tell you that too (of course).

I hope you find a book that you and your kids LOVE. And it you have any Valentine’s Day book recommendations, please PLEASE please let me know! I also have a few to pick up from holds at the library, so I’ll add them to this list if they’re any good.

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valentines day books
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