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Hurricane Harvey and a Few Ways to Help

Hurricane Harvey and a Few Ways to Help


When I asked my three year old how he wanted to help the people in Texas who had their homes ruined by a bad storm, he said, "We should make them some M&M cookies. That would make them happy." ❤️ 

If only it was that easy, buddy.

I'm sure most of us have heard heartbreaking and heartwarming stories about Hurricane Harvey at this point. I was on vacation when it happened, but now that we're home safe and dry in our home I've been thinking a lot about those who were affected. How would it feel to not have anywhere to go home to? To have your biggest assets wiped out by a freak natural disaster? 

It just makes me really grateful for my home. 

And it makes me feel for those who've been affected. I'd like to help them.

In case you've been feeling the same way, here are a few ways to help that I've found as I've researched. Doubtless there are hundreds of other ways, so if you know of any please share.

Donate money. This always seems to be the thing most needed, right. Most of the charities helping out like Texas Diaper Bank and most food banks seem to be asking mainly for donations of money rather than diapers or food.  A few other places you can donate if you don't care about only supplying diapers or food:

American Red Cross

LDS Philanthropies (or through your tithing slip if you are LDS).

Greater Houston Community Foundation

The Salvation Army


Other options:

Donate blood

Offer your home as a place to stay in through AirBNB

What other ways to help do you know of?

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