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Five Ice Cream Stops to Make in the PNW

Five Ice Cream Stops to Make in the PNW

I have this theory. Ready for it? It goes like this: You can be an ice cream person, or you can be a cake person.

 Think about it. When you are at a birthday party or any occasion which calls for cake and ice cream (or pie and ice cream) and you get a big piece of said baked dessert and a teeny little scoop of ice cream, are you a little disappointed? Do you sneak back to the ice cream carton when the host isn't looking and get yourself another scoop? Do you brazenly ask for more? Do you maybe do both? Do you pick a Dairy Queen ice cream cake over like, any baked cake ever? 

You, my friend, are an ice cream person. Congratulations! Are you living your best life or WHAT.


He definitely is.

I don't really know what to say to you cake people except 1. I don't get it and 2. too dry and 3. you probably still like ice cream so hopefully you keep reading the rest of this post.

Also, don't theories get named after their inventors? Can we call this one Whitney's Theory of Ice Cream Preference? I C / Ca = y(um). Or maybe just the Whitney theory?


As inventor of this theory obviously my one request on our recent vacation to the PNW (Pacific Northwest) was that we stop and get ice cream all the time. We had ice cream five days in a row and I wasn't even sick of it a tiny bit. I know. Turn me into a Candyland character or something. Captain Creamy. Okay okay I'll stop. Here are five rad and delicious ice cream spots to try out if you find yourself in Portland, Victoria B.C., or the San Juan Islands, Washington. I'll tell you my favorite but honestly, they're all soooooo good. 


If you find yourself in Portland, go get: my most favorite, favorite, favorite ice cream ever: Salt & Straw. I know, how basic am I? But if you've been, you knowww. This place is magic. It's like Hogwarts for ice cream. Pretty sure that there are house elves in the kitchen because how else do you explain them making green fennel and maple into ice cream that isn't gross but actually...amazing. Blimey. 

Wait, I just figured it out. Watch this. 

Ron Weasley must have something to do with it.

If you're not brave enough to try Green Fennel and Maple, which was my second favorite flavor, my first favorite flavor was Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache. And my third was Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper. I've also heard amazing things about the salted caramel but I actually didn't try that one. Giving myself something to look forward to next time. I can vouch for Honey Lavender and Freckled Woodblock Chocolate.


If you find yourself in the San Juan Islands in Washington State, go to: Friday Harbor Ice Cream Co on San Juan Island. This was recommended to us by some friends who frequent the San Juans and they told us it was right next to the Ferry dock, and those instructions were all we needed. There it is folks. The sign said they served Umpqua ice cream, and it was delicious. My husband got the lemon meringue pie flavor and it was THE BEST. Please tell me where I can buy that in a grocery store. My son got the bubble gum flavor and it was either really good or I still have the taste buds of a three-year old. I got the huckleberry cheesecake and it hit the spot. By the way this place is cash only. 


And on Orcas Island go to: the Clever Cow Creamery. I got Ginger which was surprisingly good, and my husband got Rocky Road which he liked, and my son got something with sprinkles. The flavors do change, so although I liked my ginger, my taste buds might have had better luck on a different day.


Also on Orcas: Crèmecart, which they sell at the farmer's market. We got the chocolate cookie with sweet cream ice cream and we all loved it and my son tried to eat all of it and had a tantrum when we made him share. As one does.


If you find yourself in Victoria, British Columbia: Chocolate Favoris. This ice cream had amazing presentation. We got the soft serve ice cream dipped in fondue with cookies and candy stuck in. This tasted so good but the fondue was sooo rich. Just get a really small cone, that's all you need. Also, the actual ice cream melts really fast so beware. Still amazing. Just messy. I got the strawberry ice cream with original milk fondue and brownie pieces and I think the chocolate ice cream with chocolate on top would be overkill. But the strawberry was rad. My husband got vanilla with smores and my son got vanilla with cookies and cream and they both really liked theirs too. They also sell gelato if fondue dipped soft-serve isn't your thing.


So I'm totally ready for all your ice cream recommendations. Grocery store, ice cream parlor, special mail delivery (did I mention that this from Salt & Straw is all I hope I ever get for my birthday for the rest of my life?). What ice cream should I eat next?

If you liked this, I would really really love it if you shared it with other ice cream fans out there.

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