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My New Favorite Place in Nashville

My New Favorite Place in Nashville

Amelia's Flower Truck.

Amelia's Flower Truck is my new favorite place in Nashville. It is absolutely the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

Also, it's quick! It's cheap! It makes a beautiful photo op!

I've seen it floating around Instagram for awhile and have wanted to go every time we visit my parents, but we just haven't made it a priority. This trip, my sisters and I were all in town at the same time and my two sisters who live in Tennessee both had work off on the same day and it just seemed like a no-brainer. I mean, a FLOWER TRUCK! Can you think of anything more sister-ly and adorable and fun to do together? Coming up blank here. 

We tried to go to Burger Up on the way, but Burger Up happened to be closed that day 😭. (I've never been, but it's my sister's fave burger place in Nashville. We put a lot of weight in fave burger places around here). We went to Edley's Bar-B-Que instead, and I thought that was really really good too. But next time, Burger Up!

So Amelia's, being a truck, moves around to a few different locations. The day we went it was parked outside a store called Imogene + Willie. We went inside for a few minutes while we waited for some of my sisters to catch up with us (kids don't last long in restaurants). I've heard of Imogene + Willie on the internet because it is just so. cool. But what I hadn't heard was that one of the girls who worked there has a puppy that she brought to work with her.  Basically as soon as we stepped inside he and the babies found each other and played together for like fifteen minutes. My baby hasn't had much exposure to dogs yet and he was super excited but also sorta terrified. He would chase after the puppy but when the puppy came to him he would run away and crawl onto whomever was closest. He was a mixture of cracking up and crying the whole time. Now every time we see a dog he gets SO excited. Pointing, clapping, grinning, mmmm MMMMM-ing. It is so adorable that it kinda makes me want a puppy (only kinda. I can't handle that amount of work right now). Anyway, that store should add puppies to it's inventory. AND talk about a friendly staff, right? Those girls were as cool as it gets, and so friendly and nice to puppies, babies, and parents alike. I am a fan. Not that I can speak for their product, but A+ in customer service. 

And just because our kids didn't have enough fun at Imogene + Willie, when we went outside to Amelia's, our toddler loved the truck and kept asking us if he could get inside. The girl who worked there overheard him and actually let him get inside. He was in heaven for the whole four minutes he was in there. Another A+ in the customer service department, and another reason I love Nashville.

The actual flower truck is adorable. It's an old VW, and I'm not much of a car person, but I ❤️ 💕 💝 that truck with or without flowers. The bed has a canvas canopy and they display the flowers in buckets of water in the bed of the truck. I really appreciated that the flowers were sold single stem. That was you didn't have to spend more than a few dollars if you didn't want to. There is also something so picturesque about picking out each individual flower. I think we spent about $12 on a little bouquet our son helped us pick for his aunts and grandma. And of course we snapped some photos because it's literally the most photogenic vehicle ever.

My family is always looking for things that are quick, cheap, kid-friendly, and fun. We've never had lots of time or money, and my parents had 6 kids, but we still like to have a good time. Amelia's checked all the boxes, and then lots extra for it's adorableness.

And I'm now officially taking investor's for Whitney's Flower truck. 😉 

Do you have any adorable, cheap, quick, kid-friendly places I should visit? Lemme know!

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