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Four Summer Recipes We're Loving

Four Summer Recipes We're Loving


Hi, how is your summer going? Fast? Mine too. I hope you've already had some long, lazy days and that you have quite a few still before you.

One of my favorite parts of summer has always been the produce. Specifically the FRUIT. Watermelon! Cherries! Berries! Other melons! Okay tomatoes too! Peaches! Nectarines! More melons! Also also also not a fruit but corn-on-the-cob! Are your taste buds watering yet? Are you ready for a cold slice of watermelon and a go on the trampoline? Me too.

I haven't felt like cooking much this summer (and we all know summer in Arizona lasts ALL. YEAR. (not as awesome as it sounds and yes I know I'm parenthesizing inside a parenthesis GRAMMAR) so you can extend that statement back to last July). So I wanted to share with you four easy and delicious and produce-full meals I've been making that technically are cooking but are so summery they kind of don't feel like it.

1. My top favorite right now: corn, tomato, and garbanzo bean salad. Also featuring nectarines! Sounds kinda weird, tastes so amazing. So amazing. Soooo amazing. How many more times do I have to repeat that to get you to try it? Tell me. I'll do it.

2. Deconstructed Greek Salad. I saw this post on instagram a few years ago and have been making it ever since. Chicken, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, and feta eaten with pita chips and tzatziki sauce. I usually use a rotisserie chicken from Costco and I use this tzatziki recipe, although I just mix it all together rather than letting it soak through a cheesecloth (who has time for that?).

3. For breakfast: plain greek yogurt, granola, and CHERRIES (just halve them and take out the pits. Sort of a pain, but worth it, promise). Holy cow I get excited for breakfast every time I realize I have all those ingredients.

4. And for desert, roasted apricots with marscapone. Broil apricots until tender (this depends on ripeness but I'd say about four minutes), put a little dab of marscapone in the hole, and drizzle with honey. If you have blackberries or any type of berry they are good on top as well. Also, if the apricot tastes too sour, just broil it a bit longer.

What good summer recipes do you have? I still have lots of summer meals to cook so I am ALL EARS. Also, what summer fruit have you been loving this year? For me it's nectarines. For some reason I used to think I liked peaches more than nectarines and would never buy them, but this summer I have eaten probably 20 pounds of nectarines by myself. I'm picking them over peaches every time. They seem to ripen up so much better as well. Why did it take me 29 years to figure this out? And WHY didn't I buy more nectarines when I was at Trader Joe's earlier today?

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