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A Birthday Date Idea

A Birthday Date Idea


Want to hear a fun and kinda mushy story? Good.

My husband and I started dating in college. I took a break from college to serve an LDS mission and I moved back at the end of March. I moved in on a Wednesday and met my husband the next Monday. I had like, $60 to my name. Literally. Shout out to my parents for making sure I didn't end up on the streets. So when my then-bf now-baby-daddy's birthday rolled around two month later I wanted to do something special that didn't require a lot of $$$$. 

I do really want you to know that I had a job by then so I did have more than $60 at that point. But not much.

I'm not really sure how I came up with this (genius) idea but I decided to write down a bunch of places to eat on little slips of paper and put them into a hat. Then I wrote down a bunch of activities we could do and put them in a little sandwich bag so we could put them into the hat after we picked a place to eat. Obviously the birthday boy got to draw the ideas out of the hat.

The funniest part of this story is that I was working at an expensive restaurant as a waitress at the time. Tucano's, anyone? It's actually really good, it's one of those Brazilian restaurants where they bring around all-you-can-eat meat. At the time it was $18 a person, which is so ironic because now I feel like that's an average or even decent price for a meal at a good restaurant, not to mention an all-you-can-eat meat meal. Kinda seems like a steal to me now. Anyways, I put that restaurant in the eating options along with a bunch of other cheaper restaurants. I was sooooo nervous he would pull that one because then my date would become a $50 dollar date rather than, you know... a $15 or $20 dollar date. But I put it in there. Shows how much I liked him. 😉


The restaurant he ended up drawing was...wait for it....the cheapest one! Yes I'm serious. It was a $5 Chinese restaurant we went to with our friends all the time and it was the first place we had really talked, so, kinda had sentimental meaning (two months later. lol).

So this idea may actually probably really yup definitely be cheesy, but it was fun. And it was kinda special. So we kept pulling birthday ideas out of a hat for his subsequent birthdays. One year I had somehow scheduled us to help our friends move on his birthday? So that was the idea he pulled out of a hat. Yup, ladies, that idea was not a winner. Will not do that again. Not that he complained. My man is a trooper. But looking back I have no idea why I did that. That was dumb.

We kinda lost the tradition after we had kids though, so we haven't gone on a birthday date for the past two year. Last year we went to the beach, which was actually way more fun, and if you can, do that instead of my cheesy date idea. The year before that we...were also at the beach. On vacation. In Hawaii. Yup. I mean.... Hawaii > my birthday date idea. I'm not so vain to think otherwise.

This year though. Not only were we at home and going to the beach was not in the cards for us, my parents were visiting, and they are absolutely positively the best babysitters on the planet. And they are super generous and offered to watch our kids so we could go on a date. 

Did we ever take them up on it. And the hat tradition lives again.

In case you're at home, feeling particularly indecisive or uninspired about your significant other's birthday/promotion/graduation/new car/ummm...any other exciting news/or you just want to do something kinda special for them, try this idea. Maybe it will become your tradition too. 

And if you think of any super fun activities, lemme know. I listed some of mine at the bottom.


To Eat:

  • sushi 
  • a new restaurant you've been wanting to try
  • an expensive restaurant you haven't come up with an excuse to go to
  • somewhere with sentimental meaning
  • a picnic (pick up awesome charcuterie + cheese + crackers and fruit at the grocery store)
  • a food truck or stand
  • your fave ethnic food: Thai, Indian, Mexican
  • your old Stand-by

To Do:

  • bowling
  • go to a park and swing
  • window shopping at a store you both really like (for us that's a home store, like Design Within Reach or Crate and Barrel or if my husband is lucky we'll go to Restoration Hardware and lay down on all the couches and pick our fave). 
  • movies
  • bike ride or walk
  • museum
  • farmer's market
  • hit up an arcade
  • candy store
  • race go-karts
  • browse a book store. Or a music store if you're more into that. 

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Summer Wishlist

Summer Wishlist

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