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Summer Wishlist

Summer Wishlist

It's June and I live in Arizona and the average daily temperature is like, 110° degrees. Soon to be 115°. And all I want to wear are jeans and long sleeves. Problems, right?

My shopping philosophy is to buy only things that I love and need and also not to buy too much. Like Dieter Rams said, "less but better". I have a wardrobe I am pretty happy with and I really really really try not to shop much but I always get a little discontent in summer. The weather is suuuuper hot and I'm not into shorts, so.... Also my birthday is in June so I always give myself an excuse to buy myself a little birthday gift. So I've been doing a little bit of browsing and if I could, I'd add these things to my wardrobe this summer. Realistically I'll add maaaayyyyybe three of these things. But a girl can dream.

Also! I need a white t-shirt. Just a plain one. Fitted but not tight. I prefer a crew or circular neck over a v. Any recommendations? 



white jeans/ light wash jeans/ blue top/ red top/ jumpsuit/

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A Birthday Date Idea

A Birthday Date Idea