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My Lucky Day

My Lucky Day

I don't know about you, but I'm not one of those people who makes a big deal about every minor holiday. In fact, something on the list of things I don't do is decorate for holidays (with the exception of Christmas). I know, I know, does that make me sound like a minor holiday grinch or what? But you know you're a mom when you go to Target and the Halloween decorations are for the first time hard to pass up. So, grinch in reform.

Especially because I woke up today with no plan to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. It's literally at the bottom of my list as far as holidays go. I usually don't even wear green. I usually don't even remember that is St. Patrick's day..

BUT this morning, I went on a run for the first time in weeks (if that's not luck I don't know what is), and as I walked home I watched some Insta-stories and saw other moms doing St. Patrick's Day things with their families. Fun themed breakfasts! Leprechaun houses and hunts! Green body paint! And to the surprise of all, but mostly myself, I thought, "I could do something! My kids would love it!"

so lucky to be his mom

So I texted my husband and set up a family picnic lunch date at some grass near his work and I stole some of the green bunny marshmallows out of my son's potty-training treats and I packed a lunch and I stopped by Whole Foods on my way over and got donuts. What seems luckier than donuts? I don't know. They just seemed to fit.

And it was a blast! We made a little leprechaun trail that my son followed to the bunny marshmallows and we ate our picnic and our kids ran and played while we lounged in the sun and it was just really nice to be together as a family talking about rainbows and leprechauns and magic. And non- St. Patrick's Day topics too. Actually mainly those.

I was thinking as I was walking to our picnic, how lucky I am. Lucky I am to wake up to the two sweetest babies, who light up when they see me. Lucky to have a husband who loves and supports me and our sons and works so hard for our little family. Lucky to have a nice home, more than enough food to eat, and freedoms to enjoy and exercise. Lucky to have a voice. Lucky to be young and healthy and hopeful. Lucky to have an education. Lucky to be me. Lucky to be alive.

so lucky to be his mom

Not to be dramatic or anything but guess what? I now LOVE St. Patrick's Day. How great we have a day dedicated to celebrating our luck. Fingers crossed I stay so lucky. Fingers crossed I remember next year. 

Do you do anything to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? I'd love to hear your fun kid-friendly ideas. And maybe get a reminder text next March 16th. Here are all the simple, do-at-the-last-minute, ideas I've thought of or seen other people do:

  • wear green (duh)
  • green face/body paint
  • St. Patrick's Day breakfast
  • green milk
  • green jello
  • look for four-leaf clovers
  • make a leprechaun house 
  • leprechaun hunt
  • green eggs-n-ham for any meal
  • cabbage and corned beef for dinner
  • eat lucky charms
  • anything that has to do with those chocolate coins
  • donuts (good for every minor holiday)

Now off to make green eggs and ham for dinner. 

so lucky to be his mom
We went to Havasupai with our kids. (Are we crazy?)

We went to Havasupai with our kids. (Are we crazy?)

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