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 A Cure for the Common Cold?

A Cure for the Common Cold?

Things I would rather catch than a cold:

  • a firefly
  • a fly ball
  • a fish
  • a free t-shirt at a college basketball game
  • a mistake
  • a falling star (well not literally)
  • a taxi
  • a break

I got a cold this weekend and I remembered that I've gotten a mean cold every January for as far back as I can remember. The past few years I've been either pregnant or nursing so I haven't wanted to medicate. My uncle is an endo-donstist and he told me sinus medicine can dry up your milk supply. True? False? Either way I'm too freaked out to take a risk. On the worst day of this January's cold (Sunday) I was so sick of being sick I started brainstorming things I can do to prevent colds. I also really didn't want my kids to get it, although at that point it was probably too late to prevent. Thanks to Webmd, my parents. and things that have worked, in the past I compiled some ideas to try.

  • vitamin c (have been doing this and it's worked up to this point)
  • sanitize EVERYTHING!
  • cough directly into a tissue then throw it immediately away
  • always throw your tissue immediately away!!! (I know, gross that I don't always take the effort to walk two steps to the trash)
  • no sugar....errr. less sugar
  • drink hot water with lemon and honey
  • drink more water
  • drink apple cider vinegar
  • humidifier
  • oregano oil 
cold cure

So I tried most of those ideas on Sunday. We even skipped our weekly ritual of making a dessert on Sunday (although that was mainly because I was too sick to bake, not because my commitment to less sugar was very strong). 

The only thing I didn't try was the oregano oil. That was recommended to me by my dad who had just gotten over a similarly gnarly cold. He couldn't find oregano oil so....he ate a bunch of oregano plain. That cracked me up. But what cracked me up even more was as we're Skyping and he's telling me this, my sister who lives with him goes, "Here's some oregano oil Dad". So my dad takes the bottle and sticks it directly onto his tongue... and then immediately gets up to try to wash his mouth out with water. Or probably diet coke. It was BAD. He would not recommend that method of taking it. My sister then proceeded to explain how you can dilute it in a drink or encapsulate it.

I didn't try that though because I didn't have oregano oil. What I did do that I think helped is drank a big mug of hot water + lemon juice + honey + apple cider vinegar (the raw, organic kind). I always hear that stuff works miracles but never feel lousy enough to call upon it's powers. I know some people drink it straight or mixed with plain water but I. can. not. So I mixed it with honey and lemon both for the taste and because those are suuuuuuper soothing to a coughed-out throat too. 

cold cure
cold cure

And guess what...I woke up on Monday morning feeling 100 million times better. I'm giving the apple cider vinegar alllllllll the credit. Good thing too because I was not looking forward to a week of staying home with my kids while feeling so sick. Anyways, I told my husband about the powers of apple cider vinegar and he was...dubious. I've never been able to talk him into trying it.

Do you have any tricks to avoid or cure colds? Let me know and I will add them to my list to inevitably try next January. 

cold cure

***just a disclaimer that I know nothing about essential oils or curing the common cold so I might be making your cold worse! But I hope not!***

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