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2016: Takeaways

2016: Takeaways

One day left in 2016.

How was your year? What were the defining events? What were the takeaways?

I was going to say that this has been both the best and hardest year of my life, but that's not true. Actually at all. After I typed that I started to think about my junior and senior year in high school which led me to think about my sophomore and freshmen year and then middle school and I was like...nope. I live a happy, happy life and I am SO glad that I made it ever so awkwardly and painfully through my adolescence. Dear Peter Pan, don't worry about growing up. Being a grown up is fun. The only part of life you should skip is ages 12-17.

(Do I even need to state the obvious that 12-17 is super formative and important and you make the choices that determine your life so jk jk? No, I guess not.)

I want to end this year on a grateful note. I want to end it looking at what I have learned and being excited about what I can learn next year. Mostly, I want to end it with a showering of love for the people in my life. I wish I could help all the people in the world who need to feel loved feel it. That would be my superpower if I could pick one. 

What defined the year for me? First, my family's tiniest addition.

This summer I had my second son and of course I can't imagine my life without him. Any year with a new baby is the best year yet in my book. I always say that motherhood has enlarged my heart. I think that's actually a pretty dangerous medical condition. But that's what it feels like. Like I can't physically contain the love I feel for my kids inside my chest. It fills me all up. And the danger part is true too, because love makes me more vulnerable, in the Brené Brown sort of way. When you open yourself up to love you also open yourself up to hurt. So I guess you could say that not only is my heart enlarged, it is opened. I am grateful for it, and so grateful for a healthy, happy, loving family.

I've been learning how to be a good mom to two kids. There is a steep learning curve, especially with my two year old. It has been hard, but good hard. The biggest thing I have realized is how much children crave the love and attention of their parents. I know, nothing knew. But something I experienced firsthand and am trying to remember as my baby squeals to get my attention while I look at my phone, and as my soon asks me to play with him while I am reading. 

Another thing that defined the year was tragic loss.

Personally, I lost a friend who shared love and light with everyone, and I love her so much for it. She always inspired me to be my best self and to share my own love and light with everyone. In death she is no different.

Worldwide there have been so, so many tragedies. My heart is especially broken for Syria. Worldwide tragedies often leave me feeling upset and so helpless, but I think in many cases I can help more than I first think. We have donated items to refugees but I would like to do more, although I'm not entirely sure how. Do you know of any ways to help? I'd love to hear. 

2016, you were really all about love, and how much it is needed. I hope I'm not the only one who got the message.

Do you do New Year's Resolutions?

Do you do New Year's Resolutions?